Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman created Zits on the porch of a cabin beside Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona in the fall of 1996. Ten years later, with Zits in 1500 newspapers, they learned that Sedona is considered by many psychics to be one of the seven cosmic vortexes on the planet earth.

Zits talks about the dynamic between Jeremy Duncan and his parents as they try to navigate the teenage years without killing each other.

To order: Original brush and ink drawings may be procured by contacting The Framery. First caller gets first right of refusal. Please make inquiries by phone 513.871.9393 or fax 513.871.7373. Note gallery hours: Tues-Sat 10-5. Subject and date of publication will expedite the process.

Daily Zits are $275, Sunday Zits $400

There are a limited selection of prints and posters available for $30-190

Select available prints:
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note: originals are all in black & white brush and ink, not color

"Mom's day with little Jeremy"
Giclee of 10 panels

on rag paper in silkscreen finish

$190 + $15 shipping/insurance print only
$300 + $40 shipping/insurance print with custom archival framing
& personalization on mat

Daily Zits $275. Sunday Zits $400.

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